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Sunday Worship Service: 10:45 AM
Adult Sunday School - 9:30 AM every Sunday
Bible Study - 7:00 PM every Tuesday
Youth Sunday School: 9:30 AM
Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Weekdays)

Christ Church, United Church of Christ in Norristown is a member of the Ursinus Association of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference located in Collegeville. Our church has served its members, neighborhood and community since 1896. It is an active, involved and caring congregation. The church is located at the corner of Marshall and Noble Streets in the west end of Norristown, Pennsylvania.

The church had its beginnings in 1890 as a mission Sunday School of the Reformed Church of the Ascension which was then located in downtown Norristown. In 1896, Christ Reformed Church was officially organized. Church mergers changed the name to Christ Evangelical & Reformed Church and in 1957 to its present name joining with the Congregational Christian Churches.

The church is most fortunate to have a large beautiful sanctuary dedicated in 1931. The stained glass windows and Moller pipe organ are among the finest in Norristown. Air conditioning and Actual stained glass windowpew cushions are provided in the sanctuary which is handicapped accessible. The church school provides an extensive program for our youth and is also the home of the West End Pre-School for neighborhood children. Our Fellowship Hall and kitchen facilities are also accessible by elevator.

The church celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1996 and has been blessed with 11 pastors over the years. Notable was the Dr. Cyrus T. Glessner who served the church faithfully for 31 years. The church was built during his pastorate. In 1971, our 75th anniversary year, the Rev. Dr. James E. Wagner, a member of Christ Church, wrote the “Christ Church Story” detailing the church history. Dr. Wagner will be remembered as a co-president when the Congregational and Reformed churches merged in 1957. On our 100th anniversary, a sequel “The Christ Church Story 1972 – 1996” was printed.

Music plays an important part in the life of Christ Church. Our Chancel Choir is enhanced by two support personnel. The children and bell choir are an important part of the program. The music program also provides concerts for the church and community.

From its early beginnings the church has played an important role in Norristown. The church is well positioned to continue its involvement in congregational, neighborhood and community activities.

Join Our Spiritual Family . . .

Christ Church is unique in today’s environment in that it can be considered  a “downtown” church. But, being “downtown” doesn’t necessarily have to be an obstacle to increasing or maintaining membership. It is a well known fact that people will drive miles or move mountains to obtain or preserve something they feel is sufficiently valuable. What does that say of Christ Church?

While not occupying sprawling acres out in the suburbs, Christ Church’s compact size is packed with an enviable closeness in terms of member relationships. You are not swallowed up in the masses and your individuality is maintained while still being accepted as a valuable member of our spiritual community. You have a “name” and an identity at Christ Church.

Christ Church is family oriented.  A great deal of effort is placed on integrating the children of families into the spiritual world without “force feeding” religious teachings. As a result, children respond, naturally and assentingly. Each Sunday, the Pastor calls the children present to the altar for an informal “Children’s Chat” where the sermon is geared specifically for their age group. The participation and enthusiasm is obvious. Younger children may attend Junior Church during the main service.

Older children and adult members may volunteer to serve as Worship Leaders, guiding the congregation through the service and reading the scriptures for that day. Others may wish to express a desire to serve on the Consistory or join the many programs and ministries available at Christ Church. Openings also exist for the Chancel Choir, Jubilation Ringers, Alleluia Singers and Community Choir. In short, Christ Church offers something for everyone.

But, don’t take our word for it. Come and visit us some Sunday and see for yourself. Our community is aging and we are looking for fresh, young families to become the new lifeblood and spirit of Christ Church. We must be doing something right having been around for over 100 years.

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