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About The Event

The National Youth Event (NYE) is a spirited quadrennial event centered on faith, leadership, service and social justice first inaugurated in 1980. It is celebrated as the largest denominational gathering for the United Church of Christ with an expected attendance of 4,000 participants.

Making History

NYE 2016 brought many firsts for this youth-inspired gathering, including hosting the event on a non-college campus for the first time in NYE history! In 2016, we proudly partnered with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a sister denomination, to jointly host NYE. It will be the first National Youth Event that invited families and non-youth visitors to attend.

“My experience at the National Youth Event was one I will remember for a very long time. The things that had the biggest imprint on me where the workshops I attended. I listened to a man who left Syria and talked about how the country was destroyed and the need for humanitarian aid to the refugee camps. Camps have very bad conditions and millions of displaced Syrians are placed in there. Also, I attended a workshop about solitary confinement. The speaker told us about the horrors of this cruel and unusual punishment. And, he showed us the glaring need for criminal justice reform and more oversight within the prison system.”     -- Ben Dooling

“I had a lot of fun at Disney but my favorite parts were helping out the community of Orlando and meeting new and interesting people in Disney.”  -- Sam Dooling

“The national youth event was an experience that teaches you so much while having fun. It brings light to the things going on in our church communities as well as the things going on around the world.  The NYE 2016 in Disney was an eye opening lesson teaching all youth to make a change in what you believe in.  It taught us to say what’s on our mind and it doesn’t matter your age, race, or background to be able to make a small change in a worldwide or even small problem.  As we got to listen to many speakers about their journeys and obstacles they faced in their everyday life, I learned that I can achieve anything if I try. 

Other than being able to make a change I also learned that within the Christ Church youth we all have God in us and want to help other people and make a change in our own community in Norristown.  As we spent the trip in Florida together we bonded and learned many new things about each other although we have grown up by each other’s sides we have created many more memories and are thankful to share them with the church through our pictures and stories.

The food at the NYE was… unique.  We enjoyed our rooms and made many many memories in them.  The girls room was the “party” room because the boys’ rooms were simply too messy.  The last night we all gathered in our room and watched Americas Got Talent and cupcake wars to end our last night.  There was a lot of “pokemon go” played and fun piggy back races in the middle of the halls.  We went to the pool every night and Andrew even showed the belly floppers how it’s really done.  We ate giant hamburgers and over all had lots of laughs and good times.

The National Youth Event was an amazing experience and I’m thankful that the church made it possible for us to go and learn many things to bring home and share.” -- Hannah Evanik

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