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Sunday Worship Service: 10:45 AM
Adult Sunday School - 9:30 AM every Sunday
Bible Study - 7:00 PM every Tuesday
Youth Sunday School: 9:30 AM
Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Weekdays)

Twosomes and Duads . . .

The history of these two groups goes back many years. Both were formed as couples’ groups with the purpose of fellowship and service to the church. The Twosomes, for young married couples, had their first meeting on December 7, 1948 and the Duads, for middle-aged couples, were organized in the Fall of 1953.

The unwritten rule in those days was that a couple in the Twosomes would move on to the Duads when their combined ages reached 75. Several couples did this but, for the most part, the philosophy “once a Twosome, always a Twosome” prevailed. Later, the Duads encouraged couples “age 50 and up” to join their group.

Twosomes now “Twosomes Plus” . . .

As a result of not following the suggested practice, the Twosomes are still active today but are getting on in years. And, unfortunately, time has taken its toll on the Duads and the group is no longer active. In other words, the Twosomes, by the old rule, would now be considered the Duads had that latter group prevailed. In keeping with present times, there was expressed interest in expanding the group to include “singles” who, for example, are yet unmarried or by virtue of a spouse passing are no longer a couple or couples in a relationship but not necessarily married yet. Since the principle objective of the Twosomes Plus is to enjoy a sense of fellowship and offer assistance to the church with whatever services may be needed, all who are interested are welcome.

If you would like to join the Twosomes Plus,
simply contact . . .

Barb Korup


Historically . . .

Recapping the Twosomes from 1972 until the present shows a group very interested in the welfare of the church. They were responsible for the nursery during the morning worship until 1975. They provided this service faithfully over the years but, since most of their children were now teenagers, they relinquished the task. The Twosomes were also involved in numerous fund raising projects in support of the church. At the annual “Hanging of the Greens” during the Advent season, an event still held to date, it was a ritual for the men to obtain the trees and greens and hang the large “Peace” sign over the Marshall Street entrance and mount wreaths on the doors. Although the sign is no longer used, the doors are still adorned for the season.

The fund raisers have slowed but the Twosomes, like the Duads, still meet socially and, like the Duads, love to eat. They have enjoyed musicals at area playhouses, sponsored bus trips to shows and dinners and many other activities. The highlight of the year is the Twosome Christmas Dinner where, in addition to a delicious meal and an opportunity to be together, inexpensive, anonymous, “male” and “female” gifts are shared which always results in a humorous moment. In the past two years, this holiday event has been hosted by church members residing at Shannondell and has been held at that location. If you would like to join the Twosomes, simply contact the Office Administrator for the church. .

UCC United Fellowship . . .

“To gather regularly for the purpose of:

  • Fellowship
  • Friendship
  • Sharing with others
  • Caring
  • Strength
  • Unity
  • Joy

And … To rely on the help of God to support us in these endeavors.”

The United Fellowship is an active, caring group of Christ Church that, in addition to the monthly programs listed below, promote the following projects:

The Least Coin: Along with Church Women United, with people all over the world, we collect the coin of least denomination, which for us is the penny. These are collected and donated to a worthy cause.

State Hospital: Each month an item such as a hand towel, wash cloth, tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo, deodorant, nail clipper or soap is collected to go to the Norristown State Hospital.

Christmas Cheer: A gift from the United Fellowship of Christ Church is given to our shut-ins.

Shut-ins: Members visit shut-ins from Christ Church.


Convener: Irma Johnson
Chaplain: Betty Canfield
World Day of Prayer: Charlotte Meng
Mission Representative: Irma Johnson
Program: Marylou Gross, Irma Johnson
Refreshment Coordinator: Elizabeth Shoupe
Treasurer: Dudy Pearson
Secretary: Marylou Gross
Telephone Coordinator: Marie Tyler
Sunshine: Frannie Wells

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