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How we helped:

  • Nicol - distribute tickets and call up individual tables to help keep clothing & hygiene distribution organized
  • Irma - distribution management - ensure individuals receiving are following established protocol of distribution
  • Pastor Jeff - offer individual prayer
  • Josh - write down prayer requests
  • Willie - man the sock and undergarment table
  • Luis - distribution and assistance with T-shirt sizing
  • Christine - assist in sizing/distribution of pants/outerwear and take away beverage giveaway


“Homeless Jesus,” by artist Timothy Schmalz of suburban Toronto, now lies on a bench in the 1200 block of Race Street. Schmalz says the sculpture’s inspiration came a few years ago in Toronto when he passed a homeless man shrouded in a blanket, lying on a bench. He describes the encounter as spiritual and felt Jesus’ presence and inspiration to create the model in his studio. “This sculpture is going into cities around the world as a constant, perpetual reminder that when we see the least in our society, we should see Jesus,” Schmalz said.

Aside from the service activity, the Christ Church volunteers were inspired by the lifelike statue of “Homeless Jesus” and purchased coffee and donuts from a nearby Dunkin Donuts and handed out the treats to passersby.

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