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Suicide Crisis and Prevention Training

Hosted by Christ Church
January 20, 2018

Eric Smith, Moderator
Montgomery County Suicide Prevention Taskforce

15 community and Christ Church members attended the January 20th training session on suicide prevention using the QPR approach. QPR is designed to help save a life and consists of three skills:

  • Question . . . a person about suicide
  • Persuade . . . someone to get help and,
  • Refer . . . someone to the appropriate resource

QPR is not a form of counseling or treatment. Rather, it is intended to offer hope through positive action. By learning QPR you will come to recognize the warning signs, clues, and suicidal communications of people in trouble, and gain skills to act vigorously to prevent a possible tragedy.

Who Needs to Know QPR?

Suicidal thoughts are common. Suicide threats and attempts are less common, but much more frequent than most people realize. Suicide is the most common psychiatric emergency and a leading cause of death in America and around the world.

This means that the need for QPR knowledge also is common. If you are a middle-aged or older adult, you probably know someone who has made a suicide attempt. You may even know someone who died by suicide, and it is very likely you know someone who has thought, or is thinking, about suicide.

If you are a professional caregiver, police officer, fireman, minister, priest, rabbit, school nurse, coach, teacher, youth leader, paramedic, high school counselor, case manager, volunteer or paid staff in any of a hundred different kinds of human service organizations, you very likely have had firsthand contact with suicidal people.

The QPR method was developed specifically to detect and respond to anyone emitting suicide warning signs. To learn more or participate in a scheduled suicide prevention training program, visit the Montgomery County website at . . .

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